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Driving Without a Valid Driver Licence

Disqualified & Unlicenced Driving

A person may not hold a valid licence for a number of reasons ranging from simply forgetting to renew their licence, suspension due to accumulating too many demerit points, a high speed offence, or non-payment of fines to having been disqualified by a Court from holding a licence.

Unlicenced Driving Charges What Happens If You Get Caught Driving Without a Licence?


If you don’t have a valid licence and you are caught driving, you will more than likely be charged with unlicenced driving or disqualified driving. This means you will have to go to Court.

What Is the Penalty for Driving Without a Licence?

Unlicenced Driving

Depending on the reason you don’t have a licence, the Court may, as part of its sentence, disqualify you from holding a licence for up to 5 years. In most circumstances, depending on your history, you will also be sentenced to pay a fine.

Disqualified Driving

If, however, you are before the Court for disqualified driving, meaning you were unlicenced because a Court ordered you not to drive, then you can expect a minimum disqualification of 2 years but you also risk serving a period of imprisonment.

The Courts rightfully get upset with drivers who have been ordered by a Court not to drive, but have disobeyed the order and driven anyway. It is for this reason that the driver may find that a Court imposes a term of imprisonment as part of the sentence. Our lawyers and solicitors have a track record, second to none, of representing clients and keeping them out of prison for these type of driving offences.

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Know What to Expect at Court & From Your Lawyer We Charge a Fixed Fee for Disqualified & Unlicenced Driving

We charge a fixed fee for unlicenced and disqualified driving matters.

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Disqualified For Over 2 Years? Find Out When You Can Get Your Licence Back

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