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Special Hardship Orders
Special Hardship Orders
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Special Hardship Orders


Special Hardship Orders

If you face the prospects of losing your job because you have accumulated too many demerit points or have committed a high speed offence don’t risk going to court yourself to apply for a Special Hardship Order.  You only get one chance at making an application and if you get it wrong, the consequences for you and your family can be disastrous.  Can you and your family survive without a licence for up to a year?

AW Drink Driving Lawyers in Brisbane, are the premier law firm in South East Queensland for Special Hardship Orders’ applications and licences and will make sure you obtain a Special Hardship Order if your circumstances allow it.  We will charge you a fixed fee for doing all the work including preparing all the necessary documents and affidavits and arguing your matter in court, so call us to talk about your matter and what is involved. 

Our lawyers and solicitors will be able to tell you if you are eligible to apply for a Special Hardship Order. If you are, we will do it all for you and give you the best chance of convincing the Magistrate you are an appropriate candidate. Our results speak for themselves and are second to none – guaranteed.

When you receive your letter from Queensland Transport, call us straight away. There are strict time frames to make an application from the time of your suspension and if you miss that date, you lose your rights.  We can prepare generally on the basis that you won’t be disrupted from driving or that the disruption will be minimal.

To make an application, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria including that you held a valid Queensland driver’s licence before the suspension took effect, you can’t have lost your licence in the last 5 years or have been convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle in the last 5 years.

Assuming that you are eligible, our lawyers will be able to get you a Special Hardship Order to let you drive if the Magistrate can be convinced of the following:

  1. You are a fit and proper person to continue driving and the Court will look at your traffic history and the safety of other road users and the public generally; and

  2. A refusal to give the licence would either:
    1. Cause you extreme hardship as you would lose your ability to earn a living; or
    2. Cause you or your family severe and unusual hardship for reasons unrelated to earning your livelihood.

Call AW Drink Driving Lawyers for expert and experienced advice to represent you at this important time in Court and help you applying for a Special Hardship Order. To discuss your matter, contact us on:

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