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Dangerous and Careless Driving Offence. AW Drink Driving Lawyers, Brisbane
Dangerous and Careless Driving Offence. AW Drink Driving Lawyers, Brisbane
Specialists in Drink Driving, DUI and Traffic Law.

Dangerous and Careless Driving

Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Dangerous Driving, Careless Driving

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving or dangerous operation of a motor vehicle is generally considered the most significant and serious of driving offences and quite often could mean penalties and sentences where a driver could face a term of imprisonment as part of their sentence and punishment. It is crucially important because of this, that you don’t turn up to court without talking to our lawyers and solicitors and knowing first what to expect as an outcome.

Penalties for dangerous driving depend on the offence and if it is a first offence, and whether there are any circumstances of ‘aggravation’ were involved such as whether the driver was intoxicated or hurt or even killed someone due to their driving.  But they can involve significant terms of imprisonment of up to 14 years for the most serious offences. Also, if you have been convicted of one of the ‘aggravating’ offences, convicted on 2 earlier occasions or have hurt someone, then you can expect to be sent to jail as part of the punishment.

Our lawyers and solicitors can help you by ensuring that you have an experienced lawyer by your side to protect your rights and to make sure that your interests are looked after. Our lawyers and solicitors have a success rate of second to none and are experts in representing our clients on charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Careless Driving

Careless driving or driving without due care and attention, is a less serious offence and generally arises due to some kind of negligence on the part of the driver, such as causing an accident. You still need to go to court and can expect a fine as the punishment, but the Courts have the right to disqualify you from holding a licence for any driving offence, so don’t assume you will only get a fine. It is important you have the right representation and advice from our expert lawyers and solicitors on thesecharges to make sure that your licence is not disqualified, if that is important to you.

Don’t take the chance of appearing before the Court without our lawyers and try do it yourself.  Take security and a lawyer from AW Drink Driving Lawyers in Brisbane. Call AW Drink Driving Lawyers for expert and experienced advice to represent you at this important time. To discuss your matter, contact us on:

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